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Japon, Les Fleurs d'un monde flottant, avec Amélie Nothomb, Saison 2
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Rétroviseur Productions is an audiovisual and film production company located in Normandy. Founded in 2018, it has quickly established a solid reputation in the industry thanks to the quality of its filmography. What sets Rétroviseur Productions apart is its strong commitment to culturally-oriented subjects, with an emphasis on varied and captivating themes.

The company attaches great importance to aesthetic standards, and is committed to producing works of the highest artistic merit. The directors associated with Rétroviseur Productions are known for their rigor and creative vision, which is reflected in every project they undertake. Their attention to detail and artistic sensibility create productions that are visually striking and emotionally impactful.

One of Rétroviseur Productions' strengths lies in their commitment to exploring reality in all its forms. They see the real world as a fascinating and inexhaustible playground, offering a multitude of captivating stories to tell. With an emphasis on documentaries, the company is committed to giving a voice to often-neglected subjects and raising public awareness of social, cultural and environmental issues.

Rétroviseur Productions is also distinguished by its international scope. In addition to producing documentaries for the French market, they are also involved in co-production projects worldwide. This international outlook enables them to collaborate with talent and creative partners from all over the world, broadening their scope and reach.

As a Norman company, Rétroviseur Productions is rooted in a region rich in history, heritage and cultural diversity. They celebrate this regional identity by highlighting subjects that are unique to it, while at the same time taking a global view and exploring universal themes. This unique combination creates cinematographic and audiovisual works that attract both local and international interest.


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