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Our film tells the story of a young gifted guitarist, born in the suburbs of Lyon, Juan Carmona, from a gypsy family who immigrated to France, who will find her identity in the Spanish Flamenco music, until becoming one of the greatest masters, worldwide recognized. Far from remaining in the position of guide, he created his group and innovated by mixing Flamenco with musical currents from all over the world: those from the South but also from the East, from India or Argentina, and even more surprisingly classical music for orchestra with scores, the a priori antithesis of flamenco improvisation.

As a red thread, we will follow the rehearsals of this Sinfonia Flamenco between Juan Carmona at the guitar and the orchestra of the Avignon Opera, in January 2020, until the public performance. Through trips to France, in particular the traces of his childhood in Lyon, Spain and Middle East, and through intimate stories, we will portray this inspiring man who knows how to build bridges between cultures.

Capture d’écran 2020-12-01 à

( In development) - 2020
Co-Production with Arts Films
Documentary 52 min



With development support from Region Normandie and Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes

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