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A film with Bekaï Hébib, Aurélie from Beijing Express, Hervé cuisine and Aude - Wild Travel Girl - 70mn.
Co-produced with Heart Squad - A committed documentary series project.
Writing and production consultant : Laureline Amanieux.

They are 3 influencers, all volunteers. Alongside Bekaï Hébib, a professional in international solidarity, they are embarking on a solidarity trip to Tanzania with the communities that live from the splendid shores of Zanzibar to the mountains in the north of the country on Maasai land. They will introduce micro-NGOs which work for the most vulnerable, as well as Swahili and Maasai cultures. Hervé Cuisine with 700 000 followers on social medias, Aurelie, former winner of Beijing Express, and Aude Wild Travel Girl do not know what awaits them exactly. But they know that they are investing in a heart squad which promises magnificent encounters as close as possible to the daily life of the inhabitants.

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