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with Amélie Nothomb (Volume 2)

An audio documentary (4 hours) for AUDIBLE original
In production for the end of 2022
Written by Amélie Nothomb and Laureline Amanieux
Directed by Laureline Amanieux

In this season 2 for the AUDIBLE platform, Amélie Nothomb continues her journey through mythologies, legends and spiritualities of the world by turning to a founding country for her ; Japan. She finds again her accomplice for twenty years, Laureline Amanieux, in the realization of this audio documentary of ten episodes.

Amélie will then lead us to the discovery of four paths that she allows herself to name in her own way : the path of the kami in Shintoism, the path of the mysteries, the path of the samurai, the path of Buddhism and Zen, favoring their discovery through great works, theater, cinema, music, and even perfumes, but also through encounters in France (in particular at the Guimet Museum) and exchanges with specialists or masters living in Japan.

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