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A documentary film (52mn) by Nota Bene, directed by Laureline Amanieux

In development for the HISTOIRE TV channel (TF1 group)

Screenplay : Benjamin Brillaud (Nota Bene) and Laureline Amanieux

Historical consultant : Pierre Brice Stahl

Project supported by development assistance from the Normandy region and preparation assistance from the CNC - In co-production with 13 productions.

Nota Bene, Youtubeur in History, followed by nearly 2 million subscribers, is passionate about the Viking Age. But clichés or contemporary fiction feed an often biased view of Vikings as body-built, almost invincible barbarians who only swear by war. What could be better than offering the public a new vision of this Viking era through a documentary as close as possible to the latest archaeological and scientific discoveries ?


Nota Bene will take us on the trail of the true history of the Vikings, visiting the archaeological sites of the most recent discoveries in Denmark, France and Iceland, meeting experts, entering laboratories, libraries, museums , and exploring spectacular landscapes.


In this film conceived as a rigorous investigation, crossing animated representations in computer graphics and sequences in situation, Nota Bene will transmit to the spectator with his dynamic, educational tone and tinged with humor, a contrasting modern vision of the Viking to better understand it and understand our past.

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